Master International Migration and Social Cohesion

What is MISOCO?

Master in International Migration and Social Cohesion

The Joint European Master in International Migration and Social Cohesion (MISOCO) was a two-year international Master's with the support of the Erasmus Mundus programme of the European Commision which offered students the unique opportunity to study international migration in three European countries. The students were selected on the basis of their qualifications. The programme also offered Erasmus Mundus Student and Scholar Scholarships.

The programme seeks to explore the critical elements of international migration and the incorporation of immigrants in the society of destination. Its aim is to educate students in advanced theories, techniques, and methodologies in the field of Migration Studies, so they will be able to translate perceived societal problems into relevant social scientific research questions and contribute to the solution of such problems by combining insights from fundamental social theory joined with substantive theories.

This Master is unique to Europe. It provides an opportunity by bringing together those who have an interest in creating a shared outlook for Europe in terms of migration studies. All partner universities not only teach but actively research various migration-related issues, thus being able to offer students state-of-the art knowledge in respective specialization areas.

Programme Coordinator

The EMMC MISOCO is coordinated by the University of Amsterdam on behalf of the consortium partners.

Coordinator of the programme is Prof. Jan Rath. He is Professor of Urban Sociology and Head of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam. He is also associated Member of the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies (IMES) in the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR) at the University of Amsterdam (UvA), and European Chair of International Metropolis.


J.C. Rath

In 2010 he co-edited the first volume in the IMISCOE Textbooks series Selected Studies in International Migration and Immigrant Incorporation.This premiere volume assembles for the first time a comprehensive collection of 25 classic papers that have had a lasting impact on studies of international migration and immigrant integration in Europe. The editors answer the pressing need for such a perspective on international migration seen through different scientific disciplines and methodological approaches.

The second volume An Introduction to International Migration Studies: European Perspectives was released in 2013. Intended for advanced students of international migration, this 15-chapter volume presents theoretical and empirical perspectives on a range of central topics. The main focus is on European experiences, including Eastern Europe, thus filling a longstanding gap in the field. Unlike people, theories and concepts do not travel easily. This means that scholarship oriented towards countries with longer, older narratives of immigration is not necessarily applicable on all continents.

The third volume An Introduction to Immigrant Incorporation Studies: European Perspectives is coming soon.

Programme Manager 

Within the University of Amsterdam MISOCO is hosted by the Graduate School of Social Sciences (GSSS). The MISOCO Programme Manager at the GSSS is Ms. Emilie van Tol. As programme manager she is responsible for the smooth daily running of the programme.

Consortium Partners

The Erasmus Mundus Joint European Master in International Migration and Social Cohesion is offered by the UvA's Graduate School of Social Sciences, in collaboration with European partners University of Deusto in Bilbao (Spain), University College Dublin (Ireland) the University of Latvia in Riga, (Latvia) and the University of Osnabruck (Germany) and Third-Country partners Moldava State University in Chisinau (Moldova), York University (Canada) or University Antonio Ruiz de Montoya in Lima (Peru).

Students will study in three European countries. The first year is undertaken at two core institutes: the University of Amsterdam (1st semester) and the University of Deusto (2nd semester), both offering consolidated expertise in theoretical and methodological approaches to migration studies.

The second year is used for specialisation at one of the other European institutes. The University College Dublin, University of Latvia or University of Osnabrück will provide students with focused teaching and research in their specialised areas under the supervision of leading experts. Moldova State University, York University and University Antonio Ruiz de Montoya offer opportunities for fieldwork visits.

The IMISCOE Research Network acts as associated partner within MISOCO, providing students access to migration research acitivities.

The MISOCO Consortium and Financial Agreements are available upon request with the coordinator.

Erasmus Mundus

Erasmus Mundus is a cooperation and mobility programme in the field of higher education that aims to enhance the quality of European higher education and to promote dialogue and understanding between people and cultures through cooperation with Third-Countries. In addition, it contributes to the development of human resources and the international cooperation capacity of Higher education institutions in Third Countries by increasing mobility between the European Union and these countries.

Published by  MISOCO

26 August 2016