Master International Migration and Social Cohesion

University College Dublin

Master in International Migration and Social Cohesion

About University College Dublin

University College Dublin (UCD) is one of Europe’s leading research-intensive universities where undergraduate education, postgraduate masters and PhD training, research, innovation and community engagement form a dynamic continuum of activity.

The University was established in 1854 by John Henry Newman whose classic work The Idea of a University is one of the most enduring texts on the value of higher education and a source of inspiration for UCD’s current educational philosophy.

Today UCD is Ireland’s largest university with almost 25,000 students. It is the most popular destination for Irish school-leavers and actively promotes university life as a journey of academic and personal discovery through its highly innovative and flexible UCD Horizons undergraduate curriculum.

UCD is Ireland’s leader in postgraduate education with almost 7,000 postgraduate students, representing approximately 28% of the UCD student population, and almost 2,000 PhD students. Over 50% of UCD undergraduates progress to postgraduate studies.

UCD School of Sociology

Sociology has a long tradition at UCD, and it is the largest teaching centre for its discipline in Ireland. Within the University, Sociology is a very popular subject at Undergraduate level, and students can study the discipline as part of the BA or BSocSc degree programmes.

At Graduate level, the school offers a number of taught programmes (available on a full-time and part-time basis), including a general MSocSc in Sociology, as well as specialist programmes in Health and Illness, and Migration, Race and Ethnicity. At PhD level, the school has more than 20 registered students engaged in research on various topics.

Staff members have a wide-ranging set of research interests, including historical and comparative research, as well as work that focuses on recent social change in Ireland. Current research activities address issues of globalization, inequality, migration and diversity, the state and national identity, health and illness, criminology and socio-legal studies, gender and childhood, and other topics.

Migration & Citizenship Research Initiative

The UCD MISOCO programme is also run in conjunction with the Migration and Citizenship Research Initiative ( Established in 2004, the MCRI is a multi-disciplinary, cross-university and cross-sector research infrastructure and network that supports critically engaged research at national and international levels. The collective expertise and research interests of the staff, postgraduate and cross-sector partners and affiliates cover three cross-cutting and overlapping thematic research areas:

  • Identity, Civil Society & Social Landscapes: Diversity, Culture & Social Change, Civic & Political Participation
  • Immigration, Social Policy & Institutional Change: Interculturalism/Integration and Inequalities in Health, Education, Employment & Mobility, Housing & Residency
  • Regional & Global Trends & Transformations: EU policy & European Integration; Culture, Diaspora & Development

Academic Advisor

Dr Steven Loyal is the UCD Academic Advisor within MISOCO. Dr Loyal is a Senior lecturer in the School of Sociology. His teaching and research interests include theories and substantive analyses of migration, ethno-racial domination, and migration policy, especially in relation to Ireland. He also has interests in classical and contemporary sociological theory - having written on Pierre Bourdieu, Norbert Elias, and Anthony Giddens, the sociology of knowledge, and class and stratification.
In addition to his academic publications he has undertaken policy-focused research for various non-governmental organizations including Amnesty Ireland, Integrating Ireland, the Migrant Rights Centre Ireland, and Immigrant Council of Ireland. In addition he has served on the policy board of the latter two organizations.
Dr Loyal is on the editorial board of the Journal of Classical Sociology, and Cambio.

Published by  MISOCO

9 September 2015