Master International Migration and Social Cohesion

University of Deusto

Master in International Migration and Social Cohesion

About the University of Deusto

The University of Deusto first opened its doors in 1886. Its birth was the result of the combined concerns and cultural interests of the Basque Country, which wished to have a university of its own, and of the Jesuit Fathers, who wanted to move their school of higher studies from La Guardia (Pontevedra) to a more central location. The chosen site was Bilbao, a bustling seaport and commercial city that at the time was enjoying considerable industrial growth.

The University of Deusto is striving for internationalisation, without excluding other regions, and demonstrates a clear commitment to Europe and Latin America, having signed agreements with more than 200 universities.
Approximately 1,300 students and 50 professors take part in mobility programmes. The faculties, institutes and schools are also involved in intensive programmes, European modules and joint curricular designs at various levels, as they participate in cross-border activities, integrated languages, ODL and Leonardo programmes. The entire University adopted the European credit system in 1994, and works to promote it and improve its quality. Deusto was the first European university to extend the European credits to all its faculties and it currently offers 5 Erasmus Mundus (post-)graduate Programs.

The UD project signifies a clear commitment to achieving justice in the world and our immediate area while striving for fairer more balanced development. The UD offers society:

  • scientific analysis of the changes taking place in our times, from different perspectives;
  • a project for all round training (in the civic, professional, spiritual, scientific and intellectual scopes) to form persons capable of working efficiently in today's changing world and committed to fairer more balanced development;
  • scientific contributions focused on improving and developing society.

MISOCO Academic Advisor

Dr. Gorka Urrutia Asua holds a PhD in Political Science and Sociology.

He is a researcher at the Institute of Human Rights Pedro Arrupe of the University of Deusto, where he coordinates the Master in Migration and Human Rights and the Yearbook on Human Rights and Humanitarian Action.

Published by  MISOCO

9 September 2015