Master International Migration and Social Cohesion

Future of MISOCO

The EMMC MISOCO will not accept new applications.

In January 2014 MISOCO applied but did not receive continuation of funding under the new Erasmus+ scheme of the European Commission. 

The consequence of this decision is that of 2016 MISOCO lost its Erasmus label. The current funding period by the European Commission has also ended on 30 June 2016.  

The consortium partners are currently looking for new ways in which MISOCO could continue as a self-sustained international master programme.


What does this mean for interested MISOCO applicants?

The MISOCO programme will not accept applications for 2016 and beyond. Applicants interested in migration studies are asked to visit the consortium partners' webpages for more information on the national master degrees in migration studies.


What does this mean for current MISOCO students?

MISOCO will carry its Erasmus Mundus label until 30 June 2016 and all students currently enrolled will be able to finish the programme under the current Erasmus Mundus contract. All currently enrolled students will receive multiples degrees (University of Amsterdam, University of Deusto and the 2nd year university) as well as a Erasmus Mundus joint diploma supplement.

All Erasmus Mundus student scholarship payments will continue under the current student contract stipulations.

What does this mean for MISOCO Alumni?

The degrees awarded under the EMMC MISOCO are and will remain valid. All degrees form part of accredited degree programmes which will continue beyond 2016.

Published by  MISOCO


26 August 2016