Master International Migration and Social Cohesion

Frequently Asked Questions

Master in International Migration and Social Cohesion


MISOCO will not be offering scholarships under the new Erasmus +: Joint Master Degrees programme. 

Other foreign scholarships and loans are available for international students to fund their education. 

Am I a Category-A or Category-B Student?

Category B students are nationals from the European Economic Area.

Category A students are from any other country.The Western Balkans region (i.e. Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo under UNSC Resolution 1244/99 and Serbia) are considered Category-A countries.

How much is the tuition fee?

The final fee amount for 2014-2016 is: 
- Cat-A students pay € 6.000 per year
- Cat-B students pay € 4.000 per year

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship holders receive a contribution towards their tuition fee and a waiver for the remaining amount.
- Contribution to tuition fees Cat‐A students: €6.000 per year
- Contribution to tuition fees Cat‐B students: €4.000 per year

 The tuition fees for 2015-2017 are still to be established. 

What is your deadline for application?

1 March 2015.

Why do I have to fill out a full application online and also send certified transcripts and a copy of my diploma?

This has to do with our selection procedure [see below]. As part of our eligibility procedure, we need to check whether your diploma and original transcripts are legitimate and thus eligible for further assessment. For this we require certified documents.
The quality assessment is done by consulting your online application. Our assessors are based in six different countries. By reviewing your complete application online the MISOCO coordinator saves having to send copies of each application to all assessors and thus a lot of trees.

Where do I submit my online application?

The link is available on our registration page. It is activated on 1 November and is closed on 1 March.

What is a certified diploma copy?

A certified diploma is a photocopy of an original diploma that is stamped and signed as to be a true photocopy of the original by an authorised employee of the educational institute that awarded the original diploma. The hard copy certified diploma should be sent to MISOCO in a closed envelope, sealed by the person who certified it.

All non-EU students have to legalise their degree of access, according to the following conditions:
• Degree issued in countries signatories of the Hague Convention (5 october 1961): it is enough to get one unique legalization or stamp given by the country’s competent authorities.

• Degree issued in the rest of countries: they will have to be legalized via diplomatic services. In order to do it, the student will have to present the diploma at the following three institutions in the issuing country:

- The Ministry of Education of the degree’s issuing country.
- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the degree’s issuing country.
- The Spanish diplomatic services in the issuing country.

Each one of these services will stamp the diploma. You will need to have all three stamps upon your degree.

Where do I send my official certified transcripts and diploma?

Ms. Emilie van Tol 
Programme Manager MISOCO 

University of Amsterdam 
Graduate School of Social Sciences
PO Box 15 725
NL-1001 NE Amsterdam 
The Netherlands

When do I have to send you a translation of my transcripts/diploma?

Students who submit transcripts in any other language than Dutch, English, German, Spanish or French, should submit a translation as well. A sworn translator should translate the transcripts into English. The hard copy translation must always be sent together with the official hard copy transcripts in the original language on which the translation is based. Both the transcripts and the translation should be sent in a closed envelope, sealed by the sworn translator or an authorised employee of the educational institute issuing the transcripts.

My referees want to send their reference letter directly to MISOCO. Is this possible?

Due to our selection procedure, this is not possible. Your referees need to submit an electronic letter to you in PDF which you upload together with the rest of your application. If we require additional information, our selection committee will contact your referees directly.

I cannot upload a document in your online application form

Please check if your document meets the format and file size requirements.

  • Accepted formats: .DOC .PDF .JPG
  • Maximum file size: 1 MB =1024 KB

If you have more than one document per category please combine these into ONE file.
We recommend you do not wait until the application deadline to upload your files as server traffic gets very heavy around this time and uploading speed becomes very slow.

I have a degree in humanities/economics/law/education. Am I eligible to apply?

MISOCO is based in Sociology. We require a minimum 60EC in Theory and Methodology in the following fields of Social Sciences: Sociology, Anthropology, Political Sciences or Social/Human Geography.


Why should I also send you course descriptions if you get my transcripts?

Course titles do not always indicate clearly what the course entails. Course descriptions can help the evaluation committee establish your academic eligiblity for the programme.

If your academic degree is not in the Social Sciences as defined in the application criteria, we strongly advise that you submit detailed course descriptions.

Please send these descriptions by email in one zip file together with your name and online application number to MISOCO.

My degree was English-taught. Does that mean I get an exemption for the English test?

It depends. 

Applicants who have obtained their Bachelor or Masters degree in the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland or New Zealand are exempt from the language test requirement.

In all other cases, applicants who are nationals of countries other than the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland or New Zealand are required to submit a valid English test score.

Documents stating that your secondary and/or tertiary education had English as the language of instruction are considered invalid. Submitting such a document as your language test will render your application ineligible.

Which English language tests do you accept?

We accept the following:

  • TOEFL: Score Computer-based test 250 pt., Internet based test 100 pt., paper-based test 600 pt or higher (minimum score Ibt per section 23);
  • IELTS Certificate- Score 7.0 or higher. (minimum score per section 6.5);
  • Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE): minimum score A;
  • Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE): minimum score B.

What is your TOEFL reporting number?

The TOEFL reporting number for the Graduate School of Social Sciences within the University of Amsterdam is 9678. Students will need to enter this code on their answer sheets when sitting for the examination. If asked for a department code, please indicate none, or 99 (any department not listed). When asked for a reporting number, do not use any other number than 9678. Otherwise your test score will get lost as the University of Amsterdam has a decentralized structure

I will only obtain my degree after the deadline of 1 March. Am I eligible to apply?

Candidates who will obtain their degree after 1 March but before the start of the master (1 September) can apply as self-funded candidates. 

I have obtained my degree but have no yet received my (paper) diploma. Can I apply?

Yes. Please submit a statement from your university’s registrar that you have completed your degree but that your diploma is still to be presented.

Often this also stated on your transcript of credits.

How does your selection procedure work?

MISOCO has a two‐tier selection procedure.
Step 1: Eligibility: The coordinator checks if your application is complete and meets basic criteria [ie academic degree/grade average/English proficiency]. If needed, diploma evaluation services will be used. International diplomas will be evaluated on the basis of advice from professional diploma evaluators. The minimum level of the diploma should be equivalent to three years of Dutch university education.

Step 2: Quality assessment: Three assessors for each eligible application ‐ one from each core university and one from each specialisation university. A ranking is developed through the assessment of study results, relevance of academic field and experience in the field of migration.


When are the selection results announced?

1 March deadline: All applicants are notified on the selection results no later than mid-May.

Can I bring my partner or family with me while studying in the MISOCO programme.

Yes, you can bring your partner or family with you. But you need to consider the following:

  • You need to have sufficient funds to also support your partner or family.
  • If your partner requires a visa, it is his/her responsibility to meet the visa requirements of the countries in which you will be studying. MISOCO will only support your individual student visa application.
  • Housing costs will be (significantly) higher, especially when studying in Amsterdam or Dublin.
  • If you bring your children, you will have to pay for child care arrangements. If your children are of school-going age, please consider how the mandatory mobility in the programme may affect them.

Published by  MISOCO

12 September 2014