Master International Migration and Social Cohesion

Scholar scholarships

Master in International Migration and Social Cohesion

Available scholar scholarships

Scholar mobility scholarships are awarded in two week units. Scholars need to spend a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of three months (12 weeks) at a MISOCO partner institute . It is not possible to have an uneven stay. The scholarship is €2400 per two weeks. This living allowance is to cover all travel, accommodation and living costs incurred by the scholar.


Course Edition 4: 2013-2015

We still welcome applications for the academic year 2014-2015. We still have 7 two-week scholarships for non-EU scholars available (only visits to second year partners, preferably first semester).


Course Edition 5: 2014-2016

We welcome applications for the academic year 2014-2015. We still have 3 scholarships available. 


Please consult the calendar below about available mobility at partners. We sadly cannot yet give you the precise dates per partner.

Scholarschip application conditions

1. Proposed visiting scholars need to be approved by the board of the MISOCO Consortium. Scholars are selected on their academic merit (publications, research projects) and what they can bring to the joint master programme.

Interested scholars are recommended to contact MISOCO partners to discuss possible contribution before filing a full application.

2. Scholars cannot at the same time receive other European Commission funding for the same activities.

3. EU-scholars (staff at the European MISOCO consortium partners) can visit the associated institutes in the consortium, York University, UARM or MSU for the purpose of contributing to the joint programme within this(/these) third-country partner(s). The scholarship cannot be use to visit other European partners.

4. Third country scholars can visit any European partner institute in the consortium. They need not be from associated countries or partners in the consortium.

5. Scholar Criteria

  • Only scholars who have outstanding academic and/or professional experience are eligible for a scholarship position within the Erasmus Mundus framework;
  • Scholars are expected to hold a PhD-degree;
  • Multiple scholars from one higher education institution can be selected. (ie multiple York University staff members can be invited), however the total scholarship awarded to any institute may not exceed 12 weeks;
  • A gender balance objective is included in the selection criteria; Scholars need to contribute to the joint programme within the partner institutions;
  • While not obligatory, the visiting scholar is expected to also visit one or more other partners in the consortium on a more informal basis.

MISOCO academic calendar 

Please consult this calendar before selecting your preferred mobility.

First Year MISOCO Universities offer core training.
The consortium prefers for mobility visits to UvA to be in September-December and to UD to be in February-early June when active teaching takes place.

Second Year MISOCO Universities offer specialisation training. The second semester in the second year is dedicated to fieldwork and the writing of the thesis.
The consortium prefers for mobility visits to second year partners to be in September-December when active teaching takes place.


Academic Calendar 2014.-2015

First semester Second Semester
UvA (Amsterdam)


UD (Bilbao) NA 15.02.2015-15.06.2015
UCD (Dublin) 1.9.2014-31.12.2014 1.1.2015-30.4.2015
UOS (Osnabrueck)


UL (Latvia) 1.9.2014-31.1.2015 1.2.2015-30.4.2015


Published by  MISOCO

12 September 2014