Master International Migration and Social Cohesion

University registration and enrollment


In order for MISOCO students to participate in the programme, students need to register at every partner where s/he will study.
As registration is bound by national legislation, students are contacted on the specific registration requirements at each institute by their local MISOCO contact. If possible, and when not in breach with national legislation, the MISOCO coordinator may provide copies of required documents directly to partners.

The list below states the most commonly required documents. We advise you to have a number of copies available for each document. Additional specific documents required may differ per partner.

• copy of valid passport
• certified copy of diploma
• certified transcript of results, issued by your University’s registrar in a sealed envelop.

Certified diploma

A certified diploma is a photocopy of an original diploma that is stamped and signed as to be a true photocopy of the original by an authorised employee of the educational institute that awarded the original diploma. The hard copy certified diploma should be presented in a closed envelope, sealed by the person who certified it.

Diploma requirements University of Deusto

All non-EU students have to legalise their degree of access, according to the following conditions:
• Degree issued in countries signatories of the Hague Convention (5 October 1961): it is enough to get one unique legalization or stamp given by the country’s competent authorities.

• Degree issued in the rest of countries: they will have to be legalized via diplomatic services. In order to do it, the student will have to present the diploma at the following three institutions in the issuing country:

  • The Ministry of Education of the degree’s issuing country.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the degree’s issuing country.
  • The Spanish diplomatic services in the issuing country

Each one of these services will stamp the diploma. You will need to have all three stamps upon your degree.


Institutional enrollment procedures differ per partner. Each partner will inform the student on the exact procedure.

Published by  MISOCO

7 January 2015